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NEVEROT Windows by Central Woodwork

NEVEROT Windows by Central Woodwork
For decades, Central Woodwork has been a leader in the millwork industry helping customers build homes that stand the test of time. In the design and creation of our NEVEROTâ„¢ windows, we've brought those years of experience to the forefront to continue providing our customers the finest products available.

What makes our windows unique is the
choice and design of our materials.

In place of wood components, NEVEROTâ„¢ embraces the future with extruded cellular PVC giving our windows improved durability that a wood window simply cannot match. Cellular PVC is naturally resistent to decay and infestation by insects. With traditional and contempoary profile options available, NEVEROTâ„¢ combines all the benefits of cellular PVC with premium aesthetics and timeless character.

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